Are you thinking about Guardianship for your child? Lascari Law can help. As a parent of a special needs individual, their 18th birthday has greater implications than the average family. This day marks the legal turning point from childhood to adulthood. Legally, at eighteen, the law views that individuals can make legal, financial, educational, and medical decisions for themselves. However, for special needs individuals, their disabilities sometimes inhibit them from being able to carry the full weight of responsibilities adulthood has to offer.

Parents usually make guardianship arrangements when a young adult child cannot make decisions for themselves in all or most aspects of life. These arrangements require judicial review because legal rights are transferred from an individual to the appointed guardian.  Our office has worked with numerous families with major concerns about the impending reality of their child becoming legally independent on their 18th birthday. However, appropriate legal arrangements can be enacted to protect the needs of disabled individuals.

The entire Guardianship journey can be overwhelming due to the complex and intricate nature of the process itself. Not only does Lascari Law fight for your child’s special education, but we also assist in the guardianship process when/if the time comes. We will provide all the legal preparation to ensure your child’s smooth, stress-free Guardianship. If your special needs child is nearing their 18th birthday and you have guardianship concerns, contact Lascari Law at least one month before your child’s 18th birthday for an initial consultation to prepare for this process. For more than 20 years, Lascari Law has prided itself on serving the needs of special education families throughout New Jersey. We are here to help and facilitate the Guardianship process so that your child can successfully transition from childhood to adulthood.