As many of you know, traffic stops and other encounters with law enforcement due to the
flashing lights, radio sounds, and sheer intimidation of the officer are stressful for
anyone, especially people with Autism Spectrum Disorder. People on the spectrum experience a
more heightened reaction to these factors, which could lead to an unnecessary accident.
In response, police departments across New Jersey have implemented the Blue Envelope
Program. This program provides people with Autism a blue card indicating their condition and
some symptoms explaining to the officer why it might seem like they aren’t cooperating. Each
envelope, accompanied by the blue card, also contains the driver’s registration, license, and
emergency contact information for the officer if things get out of hand.

Municipalities like Rochelle Park, Madison, and Lincoln Park are just a few departments
that have adopted this program, and I believe more will follow. This marks a big step for the
autistic community in New Jersey as it will foster a safer environment for them as they become
more independent. This program perfectly encapsulates our mission at the firm. At Lascari Law,
we fight for your child’s free and appropriate education so that their disabilities don’t hold them back from growing into independent, sovereign adults. Contact Lascari Law at our email,, or our phone number, 973-377-6725, for more information.